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    A Love Letter to Moon_ Jung,Choon-pyo

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    A Love Letter to Moon

    (The world of art of Jung,Choon-pyo)

    Paek ,Un-ha (Author)

     Ancient egyptians regarded night sky a female. Many myths see moon as a female as well. Taoism saw night as a female in which there are shadiness and darkness may give a birth to energy and light.

     Sculptures by JEONG Chun Pyo were born at night. Moon in a night sky gas many narrations. The moon sympathizes with females. An artist, which has been working on sculptures in the last 20 tears with the subject of' flower, wind and female', opens the door of ger workshop at night with moon light and she begins ger creation.

     Works of jeong is not like arranging flowers in a row after bought them at a flower shop. Instead he plants seeds and water them with moon and sun light so he then may arrange roses he cultivated in a row. This is why his works are eager.

     Jeong's language of sculpture os honest. She is organizing her 10th private exhibition in this summer 2008. The window that was open to ger was a wide-angle lens seeing the world of art. She was able to see a world of imagination over that window in the sky. She has pursued such creations and she has come to this stage.

     Jeong was born in Dongbok Hwasun in 1966. Her mother was a wat form ther family to support them, and she lived with his father at home. Sunrise and sunset, a blue sky in the early morning and red sky as of sunset and golden colored field in fall. She was able to contact colors in nature during her childhood and it has given her a lyricism. Her father loved her so much. However she was lonely when she had to wait for her father returning from work. A sound of wind in a big space. She used to fall asleep under her desk.

     The azalea, shower, falling leaves and snow wind she saw during her adolescence has been the fundamental of her sense. She sketched the landscape after school. She did not yet realized the world of modeling, but the sketches she did led her to a new world and finally she entered the school of art in Chosun University in 1986.

     She worked with clay after lectures. She was able to communicate with her works and was able to feel that she was improving. It was difficult for her to spend a long time shaping the clay, which required a strong mental power, to become an artist. She focused on the female body shape sculptures. She desired to express her internal passion, happiness, sadness and loneliness through ger sculptures. She desired to demonstrate beautiful female in a poetic way.

     "The intelligence of people, who are happy with their God, come from beautiful images instead of words" said Plotinus. She desired to fly high in the sky to the ideal through her sculptures. She wanted to express herself with lines and forms, as a language, in a way to fly high in the sky to the ideal through her sculptures. She wanted to express herself with lines and forms, as a language, in a way of appreciating materials and of existence.

     However the environment of art was rapidly changing. The modem art has already reached the stage of conceptual art past the abstract art. However he focused on the dramatic attraction of traditional sculptures. She was standing in the middle of her own 'beautiful garden', and the land she was standing on was becoming more firm. She needed a firm land to fly highin thculpture was a jewelry, which was hiding in a veil. Excavation of such jewelry required the time until our descendants found 'our suni'.

     She never stopped putting her effort into her works although she had to study at the graduate school and had to maintain her marriage at the same time. She always worked seriously, and he finally hosted her 1st private exhibition in 1992 at <Hwani art gallery> in Gwangju and <Dongseo gallery>in seoul.

     In her private exhibition, she displayed her works of bronze and marble with the subject of human body, such as 'Our Suni' Has anyone seen sind?' 'Dream'. 'Our Suni' later represented various females with the life of Jeong. A little girl dreaming of her future becomes a mature lady having a meaningful life and becomes a mother of a chid too. Jeong created her own world on a enormous space.

     She always arrived at her workshop. She had to spend her time looking after her family during the day. She began working at late night until early in the morning.

     "Oh, Night! My Love! Night that the words fade and dead things revive! Night that the actual important things return to all the complete whole after destructive disjoint of day ends! Night that human beings grow whit silent trees after they again assemble the fragments of their egos." wrote by French writer 'saint-Exupery. She produced her bronze and marble sculptures of female with the calmness of night, sound of forest and sound of night.

     "Night, and my love

     In her 3rd private exhibition in 2001, she introduced works such as 'A bird of yearning', 'A fence' and 'Heart love'. In her 'Bird song' exhibition, 'Suni' ibitmissing a freedom like birds. She always had her mind towads the installing works although she ibitworking on figurative works.

     When she was invited by <Galerie Hedaes Sevira> in paris, Frace in early 2004, she realized that it was time for her to escape from her fence to explore new world. The title of the exhibition held at <Galerie Hedaes Sevira>in France in October 2004 was 'Like Water, Like wind'. There were 200 dried pollack and birds made of aluminiums on the outer wall of the building for exhibition. Pollacks, which once were in an ocean, are now a symbol of folk tradition which may protect us from bad luck. 'Like water, Like wind' opened a new genre of installed works, which differ from the existing figurative works, and it received the favorable criticism from public and art professionals.

     She is planning to work on installation works as well as figurative works at the same time. The works to be introduced in this exhibition include bronze and marble sculptures of birds, sind and female.

     Mosaic of light, which has become a fossil, and there is a full moon in the night sky. the moon light brings creation. It is a love letter which Jeong sends to spectators and people whom has loved her. Sculptures of females sing love serenade.


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